Thank you so much Dave! I have only been playing ukulele for a very short time, (I do read music though) and already after 5 minutes I can play the first half of page 1! You are amazing! I am so looking forward to my flamenco journey!!

Flamenco Ukulele

An exciting, fun and crowd pleasing ukulele style


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My name is Dave Brown and I am a huge fan of Flamenco and the ukulele.

Since launching this website as a resource for ukulele players wanting information about Flamenco music for ukulele; I have made lots of friends from all corners of the planet and I wish to thank everyone for their support and thoughts about the website.

In this recent upgrade I have added a forum to help form a Flamenco Ukulele Community where people can help each other.

There is a need for more advanced lessons and I have started with a Soleares, check it out and download your free cifra (tabs).

Who am I?

Not all YouTube clips give good information and I am trying to overcome the bad information that is out there.

Read my story to find out more about me...

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