Using Guitar Pro for Ukulele Tabs

Guitar Pro: tablature and standard notation editor

Guitar Pro is, for me, the best choice for writing ukulele tabs.

I can open up the program and get straight on with the job-in-hand and I don't need to think about checking the settings - I know the settings will be correct.

The versatility of the program is enormous and I can get it to do everything I require from it, which is probably only a fraction of what it is capable of.

Unlike the two free editors Guitar Pro is already more than half set up for writing ukulele tabs and the settings that need to be changed are readily accessible and easily changed.

Let's get started:

When the program opens, go to File > New From Template and select Empty, as shown in the diagram below. This is a screen shot from my computer and you can see that I already have ukulele entered. These instructions will detail how to make sure you can select ukulele which does not exist on new installations of Guitar Pro.

The Add Track panel opens. Select the Stringed icon, as shown below, and from the drop down menu select Other and from the context menu for Other select Ukulele.

Go down to the Upper Staff box and click the up and down arrows at the end end of the box. Hover over Ukulele then go to the right over 4 Strings and select Low G (GCEA) then click Create at the bottom of the panel to exit/

Go to the Inspector Panel on the right, as shown below. If it is not showing then go to View on tht op menu bar and select Show Inspector from the drop down menu.

Click on the More button, as shown above, to get more information boxes, as shown below.

The copyright information will be shown at the foot of the first page.

Now you need to set that as a template; go to File > Save as template, as shown below. It will open a folder on your computer where the GP templates are store, give it a name and save.

The instructions above should give you a good head start on learning this amazing piece of software.

If you do purchase it and would like to ask any questions about using it to write ukulele tabs then please feel free to email any questions to

Please note: I should point out that if you click the Guitar Pro banner and make a purchase this website will receive a very small payment.

Guitar Pro: tablature and standard notation editor