Soleares Lessons

Soleares are at the heart of Flamenco music and this makes them a great introduction to the true sound of Flamenco

Soleares (the singular is Soleá) is often referred to as the "Mother of Flamenco" because it plays such a central role in Flamenco with many other toques being derived from it.

It is generally accepted that Soleá means solitude or loneliness.

The rhythm is relatively slow and based on a repeating pattern of 12 beats.

Soleares rhythm patterns (strumming patterns) can be very complex and daunting for new-comers to Flamenco so I have developed an approach that will allow anyone to achieve a real Flamenco sound in a short space of time.

Rasgeuos are behind the driving force of Flamenco and these are where people have difficulties, they are usually performed with four fingers all working together and can take months to learn.

I have distilled the rhythms and without taking anything away from the sound I have arranged them so that you can play them with two fingers at the most.

A combination of index finger and triplet rasgueos will give the correct sound but will dramatically cut down the learning time.

Learn the techniques first then go on to learning the tune.

I have chosen the Soleares as the first full tune to teach on the website because it uses a lot of techniques that you will come across time and again in Flamenco. Once you are familiar with the strumming you can progress to four and five finger rasgueos which will be taught in later lessons.

This Soleares is based on traditional sounds and is a short version of the first Flamenco tune I was taught.

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Listen to the midi clip of the Soleares