Free Flamenco Ukulele Lessons

flamenco ukulele method book
Easy lessons to introduce you to Flamenco Ukulele.
No knowledge of Flamenco music needed
You will;
  • Learn to play a Malagueña in three easy lessons
  • Learn to play a 1 finger Rasgueo (1 finger strum) the flamenco way
  • Get lesson 1 within a minute or two
  • Get lesson 2 approx. 15 minutes later
  • Get lesson 3 delivered to your inbox after 2 days

All music is written in standard music notation and cifra (tabs), standard ukulele tuning GCEA (Low G).

Chord diagrams and preferred fingering are included.

Even if you don't read music; through the combination of written music, cifra and audio you will soon understand the basics. 
Perhaps you aren't interested in reading music then you can still play the tunes by reading the cifra and listening to the audio.

This approach will teach you in the shortest time whatever your learning style is.

The first two lessons will introduce you to the timing and the basic rhythm of the Malagueña with variations while the third will introduce new variations and one finger rasgueo sequences.

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The special Rumba cifra (tabs) will arrive one week after you have subscribed

Final Malagueña lesson
The Rumba Lesson
Sevillanas Study
Tanguillos Study

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Available Now
Free Flamenco Ukulele Lessons
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