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A joyful dance, in compas of 12 beats, from Cadiz. The origin is in the jotas of Cadiz - traditional folk music of Aragon, brought to the Andalucian region by soldiers during the War of Independence in the early 19th century. The main characteristics of this style are the richness of its guitar accompaniment, the intricacy of the dancing, the demands of its difficult rhythm, and its lively sound. Descendent of the Soleares family.

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High-spirited song & dance from Jerez. This developed like Soleares from a simple style. However, unlike Soleares, it has a fast and lively rhythm - indeed, the fastest in all flamenco - and provides enormous scope for improvisation on the part of dancers, singers and guitarists. It is wild, frenzied and lively, but nevertheless contains the germ of sorrow that is almost always present in flamenco.

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Very closely related to Soleares, it is one of the oldest forms of flamenco, and one of the most pure and beautiful.

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Flamenco style influenced by South American rhythms

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A lively couples dance traditionally accompanied by guitars and castanets or hand clapping (palmas).

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A free form flamenco style (no specific compas, interpretive, and not danced) from Malaga. Descendant of the Fandango family.

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Another free-form style; it uses an alternative tuning for both 3rd and 6th strings

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Another flamenco style influenced by New World rhythms; strumming characterized by damping the strings with the whole hand for syncopation

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Same compas as siguiriyas, but played in E instead of A so has a different mood and texture, though some of the same variations can be transposed

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Profound cante jondo

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Cante jondo called the mother of flamenco song. Consists of 12 beats with accents on the 3rd, 6th, 8th, 10th, and 12th.

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Baile chico, flamenco song & dance

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Song and dance derived from the tango

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Another free-form style

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This one is danced, so has a compas, and is related to the tarantos in key, etc.

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Cante jondo, derived from tango

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Needs very fancy footwork; the compas speeds up, slows down, and speeds up again and is a showcase for dancers (zapato means shoes). Derived from the tango.

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