Website Changes

I have added a shop and, of course, this Blog.

The shop is selling Flamenco Ukulele tabs/cifra as well as advertising the printed and e-books I have for sale on Amazon.

Included in the shop are free tabs. I have started with just 5 free tunes and will add more in the coming months.

Most tunes are in a section I have called ‘General Tabs’. As I add more, I will have to categorise them. Visit the page and listen to Farrucas, Malagueñas, Rumbas and more…

The only separate category presently is the Sevillanas section. There are 12 Sevillanas comprising three sets of four. All Sevillanas have the same rhythm and you can play them in any order.

Tunes have music notation and the tabs. They include suggested fingering to give you the best start.

...the whole aim of civilization: to make everything a source of enjoyment.

The Forum is no longer a part of the website: in the past, people asked me for this feature but it turns out that nobody was too interested.

People have used the forum to send me malicious messages, to advertise porn websites, to attempt to hack into the control panel and one strange communication from Indonesia which might be a sexual joke – funny in her own country perhaps, but lost in translation.

I am quite happy to give my time to help other Flamenco Ukulele enthusiasts but I would rather not clean up the mischief caused by inadequate individuals.

Sorry you have to put up with such nonsense.
Your website is an inspiration and I wish you lots of luck in the future.
Thanks for giving your time and energy.

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