How to use the courses


When you first land on the courses page you will see a list of the pathways available.

To visit one of the Beginners courses, click on the title as shown in the image below.



I have opened the Malagueña course as an example.


You will see information about the course as well as sound clips.

There are two ways to get into the course and your choice will determine which page you are taken to.

  1. Click the title (marked 1 in the image)  OR
  2. Click 'Start this class' (marked 2 in the image)
  • Clicking the title will be dealt with in step 3 below
  • Clicking 'Start this class' will be dealt with in step 4 below

If you have clicked the title, this is the page you will arrive at.

malaguena toc

You will see three tabs; Table of Contents, Description and Exercise files.

A seen above the ToC has links to the modules and lessons.

The Description is only a repeat of the information given on the previous page.

See below for details of the Exercise files tab.

malaguena filesSo, from this page you can access all lessons and all downloadable files needed.


If you clicked 'Start this class', this is a typical page you will arrive at.

malaguena lesson 2

This page has information about the lesson; all lessons are to be used in conjunction with the pdf downloads.

Apart from the sound clip and the lesson information there will be a link to the downloadable file for that particular lesson.

A the top right of the page is the navigation for the lesson. If you want to see links to the rest of the lesson then click the 'Home' button or use the 'Prev' or 'Next' buttons to go back or on to the next lesson.